1. Official information

http://www.bcra.gov.ar/ Central Bank of the Argentine Republic
http://www.cbaruba.org/ Central Bank of Aruba
http://www.centralbankbahamas.com/ Central Bank of The Bahamas
http://www.centralbank.org.bb/ Central Bank of Barbados
http://www.centralbank.org.bz/ Central Bank of Belize
http://www.bcb.gob.bo/ Central Bank of Bolivia
http://www.bcb.gov.br/ Central Bank of Brazil
http://www.cimoney.com.ky/ Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
http://www.bcentral.cl/ Central Bank of Chile
http://www.banrep.gov.co/ Bank of the Republic of Colombia
http://www.bccr.fi.cr/ Central Bank of Costa Rica
http://www.bc.gob.cu/ Central Bank of Cuba
http://www.centralbank.cw/ Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten
http://www.bancentral.gov.do/ Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
http://www.eccb-centralbank.org/ Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
http://www.bce.fin.ec/ Central Bank of Ecuador
http://www.bcr.gob.sv/ Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador
http://www.banguat.gob.gt/ Bank of Guatemala
http://www.bankofguyana.org.gy/ Bank of Guyana
http://www.brh.net/ Bank of the Republic of Haiti
http://www.bch.hn/ Central Bank of Honduras
http://www.boj.org.jm/ Bank of Jamaica
http://www.banxico.org.mx/ Bank of Mexico
http://www.bcn.gob.ni/ Central Bank of Nicaragua
http://www.banconal.com.pa/ National Bank of Panama
http://www.bcp.gov.py/ Central Bank of Paraguay
http://www.bcrp.gob.pe/ Central Reserve Bank of Peru
http://www.cbvs.sr/ Central Bank of Suriname
http://www.central-bank.org.tt/ Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
http://www.bcu.gub.uy/ Central Bank of Uruguay
http://www.bcv.org.ve/ Central Bank of Venezuela

2. Forums

http://en.numista.com/ Numista
Numismatic forum
http://www.worldofcoins.eu/forum/ World of coins
Numismatic forum
http://monedas.foroargentina.net/forum Foro de Numismática Argentina
Argentinian numismatic forum
http://www.imperio-numismatico.com/ Imperio Numismático
Spanish numismatic forum

3. Information, online catalogs

http://www.colnect.com/ Colnect
Online catalog of world coins, designed for coin swappers
http://www.foronum.com/ Foronum
Online catalog of world coins, other useful information
http://en.numista.com/ Numista
Online catalog of world coins, designed for coin swappers
http://www.coinfactswiki.com/wiki/Main_Page Coins Facts Wiki
Information from numismatic auctions with many images of rare coins
http://numismatics.org/search/ American Numismatic Society
Information from numismatic auctions
http://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/ World coin price guide
Large database of prices
http://monnaiesetvarietes.zxq.net/ World coin varieties
Specialized database
http://www.omnicoin.com/ Omnicoin
Coins from private collections
http://worldcoinnews.blogspot.com/ World coin news
Blog about new coin types
http://www.numismatica-visual.es/ Numismática visual
Blog about new coin types
http://noticieronumismatico.blogspot.ru/ Numismatic news
Blog, mostly about numismatic events
http://novedades-numismaticas-argentinas.blogspot.com/ Argentinian coin and banknote news
http://www.kurchan.com.ar/ Filatelía y Numismática Kurchan
Numismatic offline shop
; actual prices for Argentinian coins
http://www.numismatica.cl/ Coins of Chile
Newsblog and other useful information
http://moneti-kuby.narod.ru/ Coins of Cuba
Online catalog
http://www.ecuadornumismatics.com/numisphily/numisphily.html Coins of Ecuador
A little bit chaotic website with some elements of an online catalog
http://www.monedasdeguatemala.com/ Coins of Guatemala
Online catalog
http://lucaschinasyferros.blogspot.com/ Coins of Peru
Online catalog, lots of images
http://monedasdelperu.com/ Coins of Peru
Mostly a newsblog with some elements of an online catalog
http://www.monedasuruguay.com/ Coins of Uruguay
Online catalog
http://www.numismatica-venezuela.info/ Coins of Venezuela
Online catalog