1. Official information

http://www.nb-ra.org/ Bank of Abkhazia
http://www.cba.am/ Central bank of Armenia
http://www.nba.az/ Central bank of Azerbaijan Republic
http://www.nbrb.by/ National bank of the Republic of Belarus
http://www.eestipank.ee/ Bank of Estonia
http://www.nbg.gov.ge/ National bank of Georgia
http://www.nationalbank.kz/ National bank of Kazakhstan
http://www.kmd.kz/ Kazakhstan mint
http://www.nbkr.kg/ National bank of Kyrgyz Republic
http://www.bank.lv/ Bank of Latvia
http://www.lb.lt/ Bank of Lithuania
http://kalykla.lt/ Lithuanian mint
http://www.bnm.org/ National bank of Moldova
http://www.cbpmr.net/ Transnistrian republican bank
http://www.cbr.ru/ Bank of Russia
http://www.goznak.ru/ Federal state enterprise "Goznak"
Moscow and Saint Petersburg mints
http://www.mmint.ru/ Moscow mint
http://www.mintspb.ru/ Saint Petersburg mint
http://www.nbt.tj/ National bank of Tajikistan
http://www.cbt.tm/ Central bank of Turkmenistan
http://www.bank.gov.ua/ National bank of Ukraine
http://www.cbu.uz/ Central bank of Uzbekistan
http://www.davlat-belgisi.uz/ Tashkent Mint

2. Forums

http://en.numista.com/ Numista
Numismatic forum
http://www.worldofcoins.eu/forum/ World of coins
Numismatic forum
http://coins.su/forum/ Central forum of USSR numismatists
Russian forum with a large section for CIS and Baltic countries
http://coins.lave.ru/forum/ Coins of Russia and USSR
Russian forum
http://coins.numizmat.net/forum/ Numizmat.net
Numismatic forum
http://www.numisforum.eu/ European numismatic forum
Euro coins of Baltic countries
http://antik-war.lv/ Forum of Latvian treasure-seekers and collectors
Coins of Latvia and Russia
http://aeol.su/tracker Modern Russian coins
Die varieties
http://coinsitk.com/ Forum of Igor Kolomiets
Coins of Ukraine and Russia
http://www.grivna.org.ua/ Forum "Hryvnia"
Coins of Ukraine
http://forum.violity.com/viewforum.php?f=12 Forum "Violity"
Coins of Ukraine and Russia

3. Information, online catalogs

http://www.colnect.com/ Colnect
Online catalog of world coins, designed for coin swappers
http://www.foronum.com/ Foronum
Online catalog of world coins, other useful information
http://en.numista.com/ Numista
Online catalog of world coins, designed for coin swappers
http://www.coinfactswiki.com/wiki/Main_Page Coins Facts Wiki
Information from numismatic auctions with many images of rare coins
http://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/ World coin price guide
Large database of prices
http://www.omnicoin.com/ Omnicoin
Coins from private collections
http://worldcoinnews.blogspot.com/ World coin news
Blog about new coin types
http://www.ehobbex.com/ EHOBBEX
Catalog and shop of coins of CIS and Baltic countries
http://www.vladekg.pl/bimetallic/en_coins.htm Bimetallic coins
http://www.belnumismat.na.by/ Belorussian commemorative coin-like products
http://deepthought.ttu.ee/users/rasmus/vahetus.htm Rasmus coin trade page
Coins of Estonia, catalog
http://unusualcoins.ee/rus/ Unusual coins of the Eastern Europe
Coins of Estonia and all the unusual issues
http://en.ucoin.net/ UCOIN
Coins from private collections
http://www.eurocoins.lv/ Euro coins and Latvian lats
http://romaniancoins.org/1bm1993.html Romanian coins and coins of Moldova
http://arcamax.ru/ Coins of Russia and USSR
http://yuk.su/ Coins of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
Catalog of die varieties
http://www.anu.org.ua/ Ukraine's collector
Coins of Ukraine
http://coinsua.narod.ru/ Coins of Ukraine
Newsboard, images of fake coins
http://www.museum.com.ua/expo/nestandart_en.html The Odessa museum of numismatics
Trial coins of Ukraine