South Ossetia
Country 1991 - present  --  Republic of Hussar Iryston (Республикæ Хуссар Ирыстон)
Currency 1991 - 1993  --  Soviet rouble
93 - 1998  -- 
Russian rouble (рубль) 1st
98 - present  -- 
Russian rouble (рубль) 2nd
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Fraction 1991 - present  --  Soviet / Russian kopek (копейка, kopeyka)
Coin issues South Ossetia has never issued real coins. In 2013 it started producing commemorative coin-like items, but even without a definite name (the first series has denominations in "zherin" - "зæрин", but next series may have other denominations).
Mints N/A
New coins packing N/A
Mint sets N/A
National bank's website N/A
Private websites http://www.coins.su/forum/

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Catalogs N/A
Known trial/pattern coins N/A

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